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 The History of Q-Boys

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PostSubject: The History of Q-Boys   3/25/2009, 06:35

1st guy: "Do you know what is Airsoft?"
2nd guy: "No I don't know. What is Airsoft? I only know how to eat."
And that is the history of how Q-Boys was born. Thats all.

HeHeHe. Joke.

*no real names are used at the request of Fatboy*

Long time ago in early 2006, Drunkboy asked Fatboy if he knows about Airsoft. Fatboy said he don't know. So Drunk boy explained to him. Few days later, Drunkboy bought an R6 WELL from Maharlika. That is the first ever gun in the
history of Q-boys. Drunkboy always mayabang. Always shooting banana tress and also boasting how powerful it is (actually only around 315 FPS). Fatboy also tried to shoot and become addicted. So Drunkboy and Fatboy went out to find for some Airsoft guns. Was quite hard to find. Luckily they saw a small stall at the public market selling so many teka teka guns. Drunkboy and Fatboy so excited. So they bought a gun for themsleves. From that day onwards, the 2 maniacs always play 1 on 1 at Iron Street, Upper Quezon Hill. Rain or shine the 2 maniacs always run up and down the staircase and shoot each other. Never declare hit. Just shoot, runaway, reload and shoot again. The 2 stupid also never wear any eye protection. Luckily no serious injury happened to them. Drunkboy always want to use the R6 but Fatboy always scared (hehehe). So everyday these 2 maniacs will go find and buy new guns and after will play wargames against each other. Everybody there laughing at them but they don't care.
In mid 2006, Drunkboy bought an A&K S-System from Greenhills. Fatboy bought an electronic handgun (fucking crazy gun). When they went back to Baguio, they still continued to buy more teka teka guns. One day, they were discussing how to make the teka teka guns more powerful. And that was the first time Fatboy opened up a gun to make it more powerful. He just pull the spring and add in weights to make it more heavy (stupid). Then he mayabang. Always say his gun more powerful that Drunkboy's teka teka gun. Drunkboy got jealous so he also tried to open his gun to make more powerful (stupid). Everytime after they pull the spring they happy because they think its powerful. So Drunkboy and Fatboy continue to play everyday 1 on 1 without eye protection. Just t-shirts, shorts and slippers.
Then, in mid 2006 history was made when Drunkboy and Fatboy played the first wargame on the Mountain. Drunkboy use the A&K S-System and Fatboy use the R6. 1 on 1 again. Drunkboy always scolding Fatboy because Fatboy don't know any tactics. Just walk and walk. Never take cover and shoot aimlessly. One day while playing on the Mountain, Drunkboy and Fatboy had a visitor. Curlyboy (hehehe). Curlyboy was at the mountain with his dad. So Fatboy was explaining to Curlyboy what they were doing. Curlyboy just keep quiet, sit down and smile (mayabang).
So again, rain or shine, the 2 maniacs will play at the Mountain 1 on 1.
Then in late 2006, Fatboy told Drunkboy if Drunkboy can sell his A&K to Curlyboy. Drunkboy surprised because he thought Curlyboy not interested because Curlyboy always just keep quiet and smile (like a rapist). So Curlyboy bought the A&K S-System and soon he was addicted also.

In early 2007, Drunkboy bought a JG S-System from Centermall. Now no more teka teka guns. Now all using AEGs. So now, there is always 3 maniacs playing on the Mountain. Then another player, Crazyboy decided to join us. Sometimes his brother, Vietcongboy will also play but they always share their gun (G36). But most of the time its always Fatboy and Crazyboy VS Curlyboy and Drunkboy (partners till now). Curlyboy and Drunkboy always win because Fatboy and Crazyboy have no tactics and teamwork. Also Crazyboy sometimes traitor (hehehe). And I think in 2007 is also the first time Crazyboy, Fatboy and Drunkboy played with BAG (correct me if I'm wrong. cannot remember). But most of the time the 4 stupid will play on the Mountain. And yes, rain or shine, hot or cold. At that time, the 4 of them was known as Mountain Men.
During 2007 when Drunkboy was not around, Curlyboy and Fatboy introduced future members to Airsoft. There is Sniper-sniperboy, Pusitboy and Camfrogboy. Everytime Fatboy and Curlyboy will tell Drunkboy that we have more people playing at the Mountain. Finally in mid 2007 Drunkboy met Pusitboy and Camfrogboy. Unfortunately, Crazyboy is retired. Now he is a PC expert (hehehe). And thus, the original core of Q-Boys was together for the first time (the picture on the mainpage).
And that was when they made the Mountain their Territory. By this time, everybody was good at Airsoft, even Fatboy. But sometimes Fatboy still have no tactics (Drunkboy, Drunkboy, where are you? hehehe). And everybody have their own guns. Curlyboy using HK416, Fatboy using Ass-System, Sniper-sniperboy S-System also, Pusitboy and Camfrogboy M4s and Drunkboy A&K CQB (fucking problem gun). And it was around this time that other Airsofters started calling them Q-Boys. And the name stayed with them.
Fast forward to 2008. As of now, more and more people are joining Q-Boys. We hope all the new members will have a good time with us. We just want a good time without fights and people getting angry with each other. But if other people are mayabang, we will be mayabang also. But we will still be friendly,humble and always having a good time. The tradition for Q-Boys is to always have a bottle of Matador at the gamesite. Some of you may have noticed that there is no Matador the past few wargames. Thats because Drunkboy is not there. But if Drunkboy is there, there will always be 1 or maybe 2 or 3 or 4.... bottles of Matador at the Mountain.
So i just want to welcome all the new members. Have a good time with us. Hope you guys will enjoy your time. And thank you to the Admin for creating this forum, where all of us can come here and discuss Airsoft and laugh and Fatboy. I will see you guys in June so, until then, "Gear Up, Drink Up and Let the Games Begin" (do you guys think that this should be our official motto?).
p.s Fatboy, Curlyboy feel free to correct any mistakes I made. Too many things to remember.

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The History of Q-Boys
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